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AVG Anti-virus Products

Complete protection against virus attack

Home and SoHo
The ideal solution for home or small office users!
A unique combination of detection methods to ensure that your computer receives the maximum protection.
 + AVG Professional Single Edition - for Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP
 + AVG SoHo Edition - For 2 to 5 PCs or workstations
Small and Medium Businesses
The most reliable anti-virus solution for your business!
Protection for workstations and file servers for any network size: flexibility for small to medium businesses.
 + AVG SoHo Edition - protect us to 5 workstations
 + Network Edition - for large and small computer networks -central administration supported
The complete anti-virus package for your enterprise!
Complete protection for your computer environment: solutions for workstations, file servers, and email servers. Advanced management tools included.
 + Network Edition - for large and small computer networks -central administration supported
 + AVG Email Server Edition - for reliable anti-virus protection for email servers for any company size

AVG Professional Antivirus
About Anti-Virus Solutions
AVG Products + Single Edition + Antivirus plus Firewall + SoHo Edition + Network Edition + File Server Edition + Linux Email Server Edition
  Awards and Certifications
Score of 100% in Virus Bulletin tests in 2004 and 2005 100% Detection Rate Certified: ICSA Labs Certified
Editor's Pick, Canadian Content Technology
NASCR Product of the Year for 2004
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