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Anti-Virus Solutions
Welcome2solutions & Co. has tied up with Grisoft USA, Inc., to provide virus, trojans and worms protection solutions to the computer and network users in India. We are authorised by the company to distribute the AVG Software to individuals and companies in India.


A privately held company founded in 1991 with corporate offices in Europe and the US, Grisoft is focused on developing software solutions that provide protection for computers from viruses. Grisoft's primary focus is to deliver to the market the most comprehensive and proactive protection available. Distributed globally through resellers and through the internet, AVG Anti-Virus as a product line supports all major operating systems and platforms. More than 20 million users around the world use Grisoft AVG products to protect their computers.

Employing some of the worlds leading experts in anti-virus software, more specifically in the areas of software development, virus analysis and detection, and technical support, Grisoft is uniquely positioned to continue its leadership in the industry.

Grisoft has experienced incredible growth in the last decade, particularly in the last few years, with sales more than doubling every year since the founding of the company. It continually expands to address the needs of the global market.

Company Vision (GRISOFT)
With the transition of personal computing and the internet into the mainstream society, becoming an essential part of basic infrastructure for communication, commerce and essential data storage, the importance of providing security and protection to these activities has taken on a critical role in the functioning and maintenance of everyday life.

Grisoft's primary focus and objective as a company is to provide individual consumers, small to medium sized businesses, and large corporations globally with industry leading software solutions to protect their information and communications through the production and distribution of the best possible anti-virus software and related security products and services.

AVG Professional Antivirus
About Anti-Virus Solutions
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Score of 100% in Virus Bulletin tests in 2004 and 2005 100% Detection Rate Certified: ICSA Labs Certified
Editor's Pick, Canadian Content Technology
NASCR Product of the Year for 2004
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